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Julianne Moore lives, laughs, loves, and dances in the Gloria Bell trailer

A single woman meets a man. They flirt, they kiss, they have sex. Sound familiar? Of course, it’s every rom-com ever. Now imagine that single woman is in her late fifties, and you’ll struggle to name more than a few films with a similar synopsis.


One that may come to mind is Gloria, the 2013 dramedy from Sebastián Lelio, the Chilean filmmaker behind Oscar-winner A Fantastic Woman and Disobedience. That movie starred Paulina García as a 58-year old divorcée who, sick of being alone, decides to go dancing, take a yoga class, and live her goddamn life to the fullest. That movie is so excellent—and has one of the best final scenes in recent memory—that Lelio decided to remake it. Julianne Moore steps into García’s role in the upcoming English-language version, which appears to be a faithful shot-for-shot remake. That may sound pointless, but based on the first trailer for the A24 film, it’s hard to deny that Gloria Bell looks like a straight-up delight.

Moore’s Gloria dances among disco lights—“When the world blows up,” she says in the trailer, “I hope I go down dancing.” She giggles with a charming fellow divorcé (John Turturro), dines with her ex (Brad Garrett), leaves voicemails for her grown son (Michael Cera) just like your mom annoyingly (but sweetly) does, and belts out Olivia Newton John in the car. A movie where a plus-50-year-old woman just gets to live and love and laugh? Two tickets please!

Gloria Bell opens on March 8, 2019, but in the mean time go watch the original film (it’s streaming on Hulu), then dance around your bedroom to Umberto Tozzi’s “Gloria.”