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Julian Lennon won’t be participating in the Beatles reunion that was never going to happen anyway

Julian Lennon took to Facebook today in order to deny rumors that he will replace his father in a rumored Beatles reunion to take place at the 2012 Olympics in London. “There will never be a Beatles reunion, because two of the members of the band have passed,” he wrote. “And no one could or should try to replace them.” To underline how totally serious and momentous this Facebook posting is, a screenshot was sent to media outlets this afternoon.


The reunion story originates from a report in British newspaper the Sun saying that Paul McCartney has been approached about performing at the games, and that the event “might” involve Ringo Starr and the children of John Lennon and George Harrison. You know, just like how Jesus “might” also show up to play tambourine. It’s in the realm of imaginable possibility!

If Starr should sit in with McCartney, it certainly wouldn't be unusual; the Beatles rhythm section jammed together just last year at New York’s Radio City Music Hall for Starr’s 70th birthday bash.

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