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Mother's Day

According to Deadline, Julia Roberts is set to star in and produce an adaptation of Harlan Coben’s thriller novel Fool Me Once. The book is about a Special Ops pilot (Roberts, in the movie) who gets home from war and sees her two-year-old daughter playing with her husband on a nannycam, which is totally fine except for the fact that her husband was just brutally murdered a few weeks ago. This sends her on a quest to find out what’s going on, and it all revolves around the question of whether you can “believe everything you see with your own eyes.” It’s currently unclear if or why it matters that she’s a Spec-Ops pilot, but maybe solving this mystery will involve some intense aerial dogfighting. Fool Me Once is already about a woman who saw her dead husband playing with their daughter, so throwing in some cool Top Gun action wouldn’t be too weird.

The project doesn’t have a writer, director, or any other cast members yet, but Roberts recently set off on a one-woman vengeance mission in The Secret In Their Eyes; so as a Spec-Ops pilot, she should be able to handle the (possibly) supernatural mystery of Fool Me Once.


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