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Julia Roberts filmed her Mother’s Day role in 4 days, made $3 million

Mother's Day

Garry Marshall’s Mother’s Day may not be inspiring any feelings of maternal affection in critics, but at least one of its many stars probably doesn’t give a damn if the critics liked it or not. According to a report from Variety, Julia Roberts made $3 million for her work on Mother’s Day, which consisted of only four days of filming. Given the poor reviews that Mother’s Day is getting, the idea of one of its biggest stars being paid $750,000 a day might seem shocking, but rather than being emblematic of a studio system that values big names on posters over actually good movies, this just proves that Roberts is way savvier than the rest of us.

It’s not her fault the studio was willing to pay her that much, she just took advantage of a shot at a pretty easy gig and made good money doing it. Plus, she got to hang out with beloved directing icon Garry Marshall while wearing a weird wig, which is everyone’s showbiz dream. Speaking of that wig, wearing it is almost like daring people not to see the movie, which is totally badass.


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