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Julia Louis-Dreyfus picks her favorite Veep scene

HBO’s Veep is scheduled to come to an end sometime next year, and, over the previous six seasons, the show has racked up too many hilarious moments to count. The number of insults thrown at Jonah that make us blurt-laugh alone could constitute their own weekly feature. Needless to say, we’ll be sad to see the show go. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, Julia Louis-Dreyfus expressed her own bittersweet feelings around the show’s ending and shared what she considers to be the funniest scene from the sharply written political comedy, which, it will come as no surprise, features her ever-present body man Gary (Tony Hale).


The scene Louis-Dreyfus describes takes place about halfway through the sixth season, just after both Selina and Gary have suffered heart attacks. Of course, Gary’s heart attack is much more serious, leaving him bed ridden in Selina’s home where he is subjected to her terrible cooking. During a bit of expertly played physical comedy, Gary is forced to choke down said cooking with Selina sitting inches away from him on a tiny twin bed. “I don’t have the blooper reel here, but you cannot imagine how long it took us to get that,” Louis-Dreyfus says.

Unfortunately this particular scene isn’t available online (outside the show itself), but in the following featurette from that episode you can see a bit of Louis-Dreyfus and Hale busting up laughing in-between takes on the tiny twin bed.

“I hope when the show is done, he will still follow you around wherever you go,” Kimmel says after noting how special the comedic relationship between Louis-Dreyfus and Hale is. “I’m in negotiations right now to set that up,” the actress responds. We would be more than on board with the continuing adventures of Selina and Gary, so, somebody make that happen.

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