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Illustration for article titled Juice WRLD left behind thousands of unreleased tracks that will be released posthumously
Photo: Bennett Raglin (Getty Images for Power 105.1)

According to TMZ (via Uproxx), rapper Juice WRLD had apparently recorded “about 2,000" tracks that were left unreleased when he died late last year, and his “team” is “discussing ways to pay tribute with his unheard work”—meaning, like every other musician who left anything behind after they died, there will be some kind of “posthumous album or music release.” TMZ says a much smaller batch of leaked songs were posted online last week, but they’ve since been “scrubbed from the internet” to make way for whatever is going to happen with the other tracks. As for this somewhat unexpected prolificacy, TMZ says its “sources” passed on that Juice WRLD (who was only 21 when he died of an overdose) “didn’t do much besides ride his dirt bike and record music,” which is a sad detail both in its mundanity and in the fact it’s something a “source” gave to TMZ. Whatever the plan is for these tracks, that’s all we know at the moment.


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