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Juggalo arrested after requesting “My Ax” while brandishing a real ax

Photo: Scott Gries / Getty Images

It’s been more than 20 years since Disney dropped ICP from its Hollywood Records label, ushering in the golden years of people being offended by the Insane Clown Posse. Hell, the golden years of people making fun of ICP are arguably in decline. But Juggalos are still out there, still representing their greasepaint-and-Faygo-filled lifestyle both collectively, like in their upcoming March on Washington, and individually, like the guy who was so committed to getting ICP’s ”My Ax” played on the radio that he showed up at the station with ax in hand.

38-year-old Richard Newton’s attempt at razor-sharp promotional swag didn’t resonate with the receptionist at the iHeart Radio section of the Kiss 108 radio studios in Medford, Massachusetts, though. In fact, they called the cops on him, and when police arrived, Newton—who had been sitting in his car drinking beer in the interim—rammed into one of the police cars and threw his ax out the window. He was eventually taken into custody, and is scheduled to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.


Kiss 108, meanwhile, is a pop station that doesn’t even play all that much hip-hop outside of hits like “Hey Ya!” and Usher’s “Yeah.” It does seem to play quite a bit of Twenty One Pilots and Chainsmokers, though, so ICP would be an improvement, honestly.

[via Uproxx]

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