Offering a brief detour from obligatory Simpsons references into obligatory Arrested Development references, Vulture reports that Judy Greer has joined the cast of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes—not in the role of the human that so many have been born to, etc. etc., but rather as one of those damned, dirty apes. Greer will be hidden behind a motion-capture suit to play Cornelia, the love interest for Andy Serkis’ Caesar, and a role that not only reunites her with her 13 Going On 30 co-star, it fulfills her husband’s incredibly deep obsession with the Planet Of The Apes franchise. Anyway, Greer said little else about the part, other than joking, “I’m not going to be Manolo Blahniks in this one.” But that’s okay, because now we can just move on to saying things like, “Have we tried tail up, matted coat of your own feces off?” and “Say goodbye to these! [destroys final vestiges of mankind’s control over the Earth]” and other Arrested Development stuff.