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Judy Greer to star in comedy pilot where she actually gets to do something

"My career's up here, Michael"

The stars having finally aligned, Deadline is reporting that Judy Greer has somehow accepted a starring role in a sitcom where she won’t playing a long-suffering mom or a friend of the female lead. Instead, Greer—whose only previous outlets for non-mom-com has been the crazy stuff she gets to say on Archer, and inviting people to say goodbye to these—will be starring in a new workplace comedy from Red Oaks writer Laura Steinel.

Unofficially titled HR, the series will star Greer as the best friend of a more conventionally attractive movie star—wait, no, that’s just our Judy Greer Newswire boilerplate. Sorry, she’ll be starring as the underappreciated head of human resources for a New Jersey plastic factory, forced to contend with both her ambitious boss and a crew of “charmingly incompetent” employees. The pilot is being directed by The League co-creator Jeff Schaffer, who will presumably need to train himself not to ask Greer to step out of the star’s light, since she is the star this time, and that would be impossible.


In other news, the actress and author just wrapped up directing on her first film, A Happening Of Monumental Proportions, with Common, Jennifer Garner, and Allison Janney, who’s presumably filling in the mandatory “Judy Greer role” on the actress’ behalf.

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