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Judy Greer’s going to keep things Casual with Hulu

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Now that she’s no longer (on) Married, Judy Greer’s looking for a new TV commitment—just not a serious one, you know? Something fun, like what she has going with Archer, but isn’t quite as short a stay as her time in Portlandia. And maybe just lets her be herself? According to Deadline, she’s landed just such a role on Hulu’s Casual, which, true to its name, isn’t trying to pin Greer down with a series regular role. The Arrested Development alum has landed a recurring gig as Judy, Alex’s “wry and self aware” new coworker. It won’t all be fun and possible workplace flirtation: Judy is also a “new single mother, forced to do multiple jobs at a digital branding firm. She is overworked and in desperate need of distraction,” which Alex (Tommy Dewey) will reportedly provide. We know she’s probably more of a love interest, but it also sounds like she has a lot in common with Valerie (Michaela Watkins).

Casual’s third season will premiere this summer on Hulu.


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