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Judy Greer joins Two And A Half Men, because work is work

Illustration for article titled Judy Greer joins emTwo And A Half Men/em, because work is work

Judy Greer—whose unflagging work ethic, if concentrated into a serum, could singlehandedly revive the American automobile industry—has accepted another paycheck to co-star on the upcoming season of Two And Half Men, because you didn’t watch Mad Love. The perennially game-for-whatever Greer will play a recurring role as the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Ashton Kutcher’s Internet billionaire character, whose heartbreak over losing Greer spurs him to seek the company and comfort of a complete stranger and that complete stranger’s increasingly gangly son, because otherwise there would be no Two And A Half Men—and that is simply unthinkable. Of course, Greer has already appeared on the show once before as a love interest for Charlie Sheen’s character, thus upsetting the flawless internal logic that is the hallmark of the sitcom. But in return, the series gets to borrow some of the comedy credibility that Greer has earned through Arrested Development and Archer, a charitable donation for which we can only assume Greer earns a substantial deduction every year, considering how often she makes it.


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