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A network could likely fill an entire day’s worth of programming with failed pilots and canceled sitcoms starring Judy Greer (They could call it Greerer Pastures™!), and still the likable yet unlucky actress keeps gamely returning to the broadcast mill to give it one more try. Of course, thanks to her role in The Descendants—and as karmic recompense for he recent arc on Two And A Half Men—Greer has increasingly raised her profile beyond the cult audience that loves her for Arrested Development and Archer, so maybe this time it will all be different. Unfortunately, this time is under the title American Judy, which is a name that causes an involuntary, reflexive desire to see it squashed immediately, like a cockroach. Then maybe light it on fire.

But repress those urges long enough to consider the actual, ABC single-camera comedy, which would star Greer as a sophisticated city woman who joins her new husband in the suburbs, struggles with her new stepkids and in-laws, and has frequent run-ins with her husband’s ex, who is also the small town’s sheriff. And consider also that, while it sounds like a contrived, somewhat-formulaic spin on some of the same laughs mined by Suburgatory, it’s partly based on Judy Greer’s real-life experiences with her own husband. So should this show be swiftly canceled, it wouldn’t be just a rejection of Judy Greer as an actress but Judy Greer’s entire existence. And surely America can’t be that cruel—not to their American Judy. Fuck, that truly is annoying. ABC, please note that Greerer Pastures is still available.


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