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Illustration for article titled Judy Greer and Portia Doubleday will also be in that emCarrie/em remake

Director Kimberly Peirce has begun to round out the cast of her upcoming Carrie remake, bringing in some of the other women who will be swept up in Chloe Moretz's menstrual wrath. Julianne Moore's religiously oppressive Margaret White character will be joined in tormenting Moretz by Youth In Revolt's Portia Doubleday, who assumes the role of the popular girl that Nancy Allen played in De Palma's version, in that mellow, easy-breezy nude style of the times. Meanwhile, Moretz will once again get some comfort from her sympathetic gym teacher—a part played by Betty Buckley in the original, and which will here be essayed by Judy Greer, who helps explain to the repressed Carrie what's happening to her body once she begins the period that sets off her telekinetic terror. "Say goodbye to THESE," Judy Greer will say, while pointing to a diagram of the uterine lining.


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