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Illustration for article titled Judy Greer and Nat Faxon to try again with a new sitcom wed just like to see work out for them

Wandering sitcom nomad Judy Greer has reunited with her Descendants collaborator and fellow TV refugee Nat Faxon on a new FX sitcom, each hoping that, together, the two can find basic-cable oasis in this harsh and inhospitable television plain. Faxon (set adrift after the cancellation of Ben & Kate) and Greer (so beloved in Arrested Development and Archer, yet so perennially saddled with non-starter pilots) will try to make it work this time as a married couple who have decided to not make it work, with Faxon’s “always-horny husband” turned loose to have sex with whomever he wants now that Greer is no longer interested. The show hails from Andrew Gurland of The Last Exorcism and The Virginity Hit, finally combining his divergent experiences into one project about sinful urges being purged by trying to get some, and it’s currently untitled. Say Goodbye To These (Bonds Of Monogamy Inherent In Marriage) is still available and should stay that way.


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