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Judging only from the poster, what was All About Steve about?

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Full disclosure: Some of us here have never seen All About Steve. But digging out a memory bank from our dusty annals, we seem to remember a failed rom-com wherein an unfortunately blonde Sandra Bullock stalked a hapless Bradley Cooper. The “film” got the rare “F” from The A.V. Club, with reviewer Nathan Rabin calling Bullock’s performance “a star turn that’s less a performance than a clattering assemblage of tics.”


Well, now we remember why we never saw it. And apparently, no one else saw it either, as a question making the rounds on Twitter this week wonders what this movie is actually about, were one to judge only by the poster. The image shows Bullock inexplicably clutching a somewhat menacing umbrella, as the bemused Cooper and a more suspicious Thomas Haden Church and Ken Jeong look on.

In honor (?) of AAS’ 10-year anniversary this year, Twitter user Kibblesmith wants to know what you think the movie is about just based on the (unhelpful) poster. With only “your best actual guesses only,” of course; none of this “wrong answers” bullshit.

As always, Twitter provided many hilarious plot synopses, most of them revolving around the umbrella.


Although some get a bit more inventive.


Or some take umbrage with the poster’s horrific graphic design.


So while we would never in a million years suggest that you see this movie—which looks like it may not even land in the so-bad-it’s-good category—this Twitter thread is a pretty fun read.

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