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Judge orders deer poacher to watch Bambi every month for a year

“Shit, that’s harsh, dude.”
Photo: Loop Images (Getty Images)

We’ll be honest: We’re much more inclined to enjoy a story about a judge getting “creative” with sentencing for a defendant when it’s happening in a movie or a TV show; we’ve read/heard a few too many stories about real-world members of the judiciary abusing their duties to humiliate the people in their power “for their own good” to get all that much of a kick out of it anymore. There are exceptions, though, as in the case of Missouri’s David Berry Jr., convicted this year for killing deer out of season—reportedly harvesting them for trophies and leaving the rest of their bodies to rot—who has now been sentenced to a year of jail. And Bambi.

This is per CNN, which reports that Lawrence County Judge Robert George sentenced Berry to a year in prison for poaching, a sentence which includes monthly viewings of the Disney classic/vehicle for child traumitization. And while we’re not sure whether a hardened deer hunter—Berry and his family have been accused of more than 230 counts of poaching-related crimes, across multiple states—is going to necessarily get too worked up at the bit where Bambi’s mother bites it, we do have to assume he’s going to get increasingly uncomfortable at how damn horny the 1942 movie is, especially six or seven viewings in.

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