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Judy “Judge Judy” Sheindlin is finally stepping away from her Judge Judy courtroom, but she’s not just going to take a well-deserved rest and live in peace in a castle full of money—she’s one of the highest-paid hosts in TV, making $47 million a year. Instead, she’s going to end Judge Judy after its upcoming 25th season, let CBS (which handles distribution of the show and paid $100 million for the complete back catalog) continue to air reruns for a while, and then move on to a new show called Judy Justice that… we know nothing about. Sheindlin shared the news in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen, and while she teased that Judy Justice will come out a year after Judge Judy ends and that it will air somewhere other than CBS, she wouldn’t say where or what it is.


This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says it’s “unclear whether this will be another syndicated program or for a network or other outlet.” We heard a few years ago that Sheindlin was working on a potential scripted drama series based on her life, but that was a CBS project, so this could be a different thing. It’s also probably not the game show she was working on about quizzing people based on their memory of things they witnessed, as that doesn’t really fit the “Judy Justice” name. What would fit, though, is a superhero cartoon about kid Judge Judy fighting crime. Her usual audience probably wouldn’t watch it, but we would.

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