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Judge Dredd TV show has a completed pilot script, 2 seasons fully planned out

Photo: Neilson Barnard (Getty Images)

Over a year ago, we reported that a Judge Dredd TV show was in development from indie studio IM Global and Rebellion (the video game studio that now owns 2000 AD, the comic where Dredd originated). That was the last real movement we had heard about on the project, save for some talk about whether or not Karl Urban—who starred in the Dredd movie—would be reprising his role as the helmet-wearing arbiter of justice (we still don’t know if he will). At Comic-Con over the weekend, though, Rebellion announced that 2000 AD writer Rob Williams, who has a long history with Judge Dredd, will be the “creative lead” for the show’s pilot, and he has worked with a team of writers to complete a full pilot script and sketch out a plan for two seasons of the show.

As part of that sketching-out, Williams and his team have apparently decided that the show—dubbed Judge Dredd: Mega-City One—should be more of an ensemble piece than a one-man super-justice show, meaning we’ll get to spend plenty of time with the supporting characters who help Dredd in his noble quest to kill as many criminals as possible.


Before anyone gets really excited, though, it seems like Mega-City One still doesn’t have a network or streaming service attached, so we still don’t know when/if we’ll actually get to see it.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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