If you’re looking to buy someone a copy of Dario Argento’s poorly received and disowned-by-its-director serial-killer thriller Giallo for Christmas, you better do it today: A federal judge has granted star Adrien Brody the injunction he’s been seeking since October, saying that its makers are barred from distributing the film in the U.S., using Brody’s face to market it, or even allowing Brody’s likeness to appear in it until the actor is paid the additional $640,000 he says he is owed for his work. (Brody has reportedly already received nearly $1 million.) The ruling contends that Brody is is "suffering, and will continue to suffer, immediate and irreparable harm” until the injunction is put into effect. Meanwhile, Giallo is still temporarily available for sale through Amazon for only $19.49, in case “making Adrien Brody suffer” is on your own Christmas wish list. Buy it now before the “Special Court-Ordered Edition” is released, with a black box covering Brody’s face and all of his lines dubbed by Cheech Marin.