Look! It’s Judd Apatow! And he’s doing stuff! Creating a diversion from all other non-Apatovian news, the man who is tangentially related to all modern R-rated comedy has two stories going for him today, beginning with the announcement that Universal has picked up an as-yet-untitled film that will reteam him with director Paul Feig again, now that Bridesmaids is an actual success and not just a social cause. Fortunately, there are far more details in Variety’s report on that Knocked Up quasi-sequel that will focus on Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann’s characters, specifically that the film will also bring back Charlyne Yi’s snickering stoner Jodi, and that Apatow has also recruited his newest protégé Lena Dunham and Chris O’Dowd, who awkwardly romanced Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids. And once you’re in the Apatow gang, you’re in for life—and if you try to leave, that’s when they cut you. Tread carefully, Chris O’Dowd.