It’s been nearly 14 years since Jerry Lewis infamously remarked that he didn’t find women funny—mostly because he sees a woman as “a producing machine that brings babies in the world,” even though the image that conjures is inherently kind of funny. Does he see like a conveyor belt or…? Anyway, after enduring more than a decade of oppression under the entertainment industry’s ruthless, Jerry Lewis-controlled patriarchy, female comedians have at last found their savior in Judd Apatow, who not only puts them in his movies and gives them money to make things, but also boldly stands up against those who would insult them in previous decades.

“Jerry Lewis once said that he didn't think women were funny,” Apatow said while he and an army of other male liberators collected Bridesmaids’ Best Comedy trophy at last night’s Critics’ Choice Awards. “So I'd just like to say, with all respect, 'Fuck you!'” As you can hear from the video of the speech, Apatow’s remarks were met with exuberant cheers, as, with those words, the powerful spell of Jerry Lewis’ glibly relayed opinion from over a decade ago was broken, and female comedians everywhere were finally free. Hours later, a bedraggled, malnourished Elayne Boosler stumbled blinking into the sunshine and asked to see the ocean. [via The Huffington Post]