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Judd Apatow is tempted to make a This Is 40 sequel that's just about his kids

Illustration for article titled Judd Apatow is tempted to make a emThis Is 40/em sequel thats just about his kids

As the cinematic world is but his personal Facebook page, Judd Apatow says he’s interested in the idea of rounding out Knocked Up and This Is 40 with another sequel, this time focusing even more squarely on showing you cute videos of stuff his kids did. “I think it’s fun to see people grow up,” Apatow replied to a Getty interviewer who wondered whether he’s “tempted” to make a third film starring those characters and, more pointedly, his own family. “I'm interested in it with Leslie and Paul's characters, but I’m even more interested in Maude and Iris,” Apatow said of his real-life daughters, whom he finds interesting whenever they are spouting his dialogue.


“When we first met Maude’s character, Sadie, she was 8-years-old, she didn’t understand where babies come from. And now we see her five years later, and she’s just cursing and screaming and having teenager problems. So I’m thinking that maybe in the next one she’s in college,” Apatow added, tantalizingly refusing to say whether Maude might then experience other growing pains he could then exaggerate in order to immortalize and share them with the world. He also compared the concept to Francois Truffaut’s Antoine Doinel series “where he revisited the same character five different times in five different movies." Although, in a far more honest moment, Apatow also admitted, “Or maybe I’m just lazy and this is a great way to make home movies,” which should look great on the poster. [via Hey U Guys]

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