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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Having previously made the world safe for female comedians by chivalrously escorting them into movies and television shows—all while comedy’s old guard spilled their highballs on their smoking jackets, and spluttered demands to see those comedians’ membership penises—Judd Apatow has next set his sights on backing Amy Schumer. Deadline reports that the prepositional object of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer is writing a starring vehicle for herself that Apatow will produce, giving her the same creative consultation and explicit endorsement he’s given so many others. Little else is known about the Apatow/Schumer project, aside from the fact that it will probably be R-rated and along similar comedy lines as her sketch show. Also that, by the time it comes out, we’ll be thankfully spared any thinkpieces about “female comedy” this time, with all humans due to suddenly develop both sexual organs next year thanks to the government’s fluoridation of the drinking water.


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