Judd Apatow was once more of a stand-up comic than a writer, sharing stages with everyone from Adam Sandler to Paul Feig. Then Apatow realized that he could do better off the stage, and films like Knocked Up and Trainwreck were born. Lately, however, the writer, director, and producer has come back to stand-up, inspired in part by Trainwreck star Amy Schumer. Last night Apatow performed some of his new material on The Tonight Show, and unsurprisingly for anyone who follows his Twitter, a lot of it was about Bill Cosby.

In his set, below, Apatow does a searing Cosby impression, pretending to be the 78-year-old comedian as he runs through jokes about being in “the doghouse with your wife” and other now incredibly questionable bits. The results are pretty spot on, with Apatow taking both Cosby and his remaining supporters to task.