She's not even attached, and the project might not even happen, but every article is better with a photo of Gillian Jacobs reacting to something.

Judd Apatow and Gillian Jacobs might be combining their cult TV powers to save the day for Hulu, which has struggled to make a mark in the original content game. (This is despite the fact that it has several fine imports, like Rev. and Moone Boy, which you should really just watch the both of already.) According to this report from Vulture’s Josef Adalian, the two are integral parts of a prospective Hulu series called Love, which would be Apatow’s first foray into producing, writing, and (assuming the schedules work out) directing for a streaming service. Hell, it would be the first series with Apatow serving as an actual co-creator to make it to the air since 2001’s Undeclared, which gives you some sense of just how much the television industry kicked the guy around before he got to be a big-time movie director. (Apatow has served as an executive producer on HBO’s Girls, and he’s also co-written several scripts for the show, but the series has always been much more Lena Dunham’s project that Apatow helped get on the air.) Adalian is careful to note that no deals have been signed yet, but c’mon. Hulu, which is desperate to get the attention Netflix and even Amazon have received, is going to find a way to do this.

Technically, Jacobs hasn’t been officially attached to star, and Adalian only says she’s been “approached,” but it seems likely she’ll be free Monday, when her contract with Community expires. And c’mon. She’s gonna want to do this! Apatow’s co-creators on Love include Lesley Arfin, currently of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and formerly of Girls (where one presumes she met Apatow, unless everyone who works on the show is placed in their own hermetically sealed box, which is always possible), and Paul Rust, an actor and writer who will star and was just recently working on Super Fun Night. Adalian also offers the rumor that Brent Forrester, of Simpsons, Office, and Undeclared fame, may sign on as co-showrunner.


What is Love about? Adalian has fewer details on that account, but he says the show is about many relationships and one very messed-up couple in particular. So, basically, it’s about love. Good. We like descriptive titles.