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Judas Priest prep Nostradamus

God bless Judas Priest. (Go on, God! We dare you!) The band worked for more than two years on a concept album about the life of Nostradamus, which was plenty of time for somebody in the band to step forward and say, "Hmm, maybe a concept record about the life of Nostradamus is sort of, I don't know, silly." If anybody in Judas Priest did say that, it didn't prevent the band from making Nostradamus, which will be released in June. So, how does one go about recounting the life of a 16th century prophet through a series of heavy metal songs? Well, according to Rob Halford, "it was all about taking the significant episodes he went through, and then with the right emotion, create music and lyrics that would convey them." Duh! Three configurations of Nostradamus will be issued. The most common will be a regular jewel-cased double CD, but there will also be a "CD deluxe hardbound version," which features a 48-page booklet, while a "super deluxe version" will include three vinyl records (in addition to the CD deluxe packaging, plus a poster).


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