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Joy Behar on The View

We recently learned that Sherri Shepherd would return to The View (as a contributor), which probably got diehard fans hoping that the whole gang might get back together. Well, Joy Behar is here to crush those dreams. E! Online shared a WBAZ interview with the former View co-host in which she flatly denied returning to the talk show.

Despite rumors that Barbara Walters herself wanted Behar back (which the comedian also denied), the production team apparently just wasn’t offering Behar a sweet enough deal. Behar told WBAZ that she sought “a bigger role on the show” and “power to…make some changes,” but was reportedly offered just a contributor spot. There’s no word on whether or not she was offered a chance to lead a team of contributors like Shepherd, who could (but probably won’t) use her new power to bring back Jenny McCarthy.


Even though she’s been off the show since 2013, Behar claims she’s still privy to office gossip. Although she’s “not out to get anybody,” Behar did say she does not “identify with the power structure,” which could be (but probably isn’t) a veiled threat to get network execs to play ball, lest someone find out who’s been taking home the office Post-It notes.

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