Joss Whedon may have just been handed license to print money with pictures of himself in a Thor costume substituted for dumb dead presidents, but that hasn't stopped him from recognizing the importance of independent filmmaking. Or, more specifically, recognizing the importance of crushing independent filmmaking with his big, blockbuster-y fist, like urging a boycott of the upcoming Sleepwalk With Me from comedian Mike Birbiglia and This American Life's Ira Glass, because its upcoming screenings across 80 theaters is totally messing with his Avengers count. In this video, Whedon reminds Americans of the importance of "nurturing corporate spectacle" over heartfelt, possibly Pope-abusing movies like Sleepwalk, and calls on them to join the fight by asking their local theaters to book the film specifically so they can then refuse to go and see it. It's a compelling fake argument.