Joss Whedon's writing staff have learned their lessons well at the feet of their dark master, and are now being sent out into the world to spread their wicked gospel.  According to TVWeek (via The Vulture),former Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse vets Marti Noxon, Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain have inked a deal with network powerhouse The CW to develop two new shows that involve — gasp! — hot young women who have unusual powers.  Craft and Fain will be helming an adaptation of Vampire Diaries author L.J. Smith's Secret Circle series, about a California teenager who moves to New England to pursue the glamorous lifestyle of a witch, while Noxon will be in charge of Chloe, about a deceased teenage girl who comes back to life as a "Divine Covert Operator", which is like a witch, only deader and more nosey.  We're going to make a wild guess and say that Secret Circle and Chloe will feature lots of attractive, ass-kicking young girls who also get romantically involved with bad boys.  Tragedy (the dramatic equivalent of hilarity) will likely ensue, but without Whedon's direct participation, will there be the requisite rapid cancellation followed by vociferous fan outcry?  Time will tell.