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Joss Whedon regrets his tweet calling Jurassic World sexist

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We’re sorry that we have to admit this, internet, but Joss Whedon is not perfect. He may have a great track record in the world of nerdy TV shows and movies, but even he is occasionally makes mistakes. Like, for example, never explaining what the deal with Shepherd Book was on Firefly. Seriously, Joss, what was his deal? (And no, we’re not going to read the graphic novel that details exactly what his deal was.)


Anyway, Whedon himself admits that his most recent mistake was a tweet that accused a clip from Jurassic World of being sexist. He doesn’t regret what he said, though, he simply regrets that he said it. “I don’t ever say things about other people’s work that are negative,” he told Variety, adding that it was “bad form” and “not what a gentleman would do.” Reaffirming his stance on the clip—which features a stuffy Bryce Dallas Howard admonishing a roguish Chris Pratt for being so roguish—Whedon says he tweeted his feelings because he was “frustrated,” and that he felt like it was “something that was problematic” when he watched it. He says Twitter was simply “the wrong venue” for it, and that comments like that should be reserved for “dinner party conversation” where only Whedon’s real friends—and not his fake Twitter friends, like you—can hear his comments on movies.

Here’s the clip, so you can watch it and imagine what you would say about it at Joss Whedon’s dinner party. Also, what do you think he serves at one his dinner parties? Some kind of critically acclaimed Joss Whedon pasta that ends too soon?

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