Proving once again that Joss Whedon mostly just hangs out, waiting for the Internet to tell him what to do, he’s followed up his revival of Buffy The Vampire Slayer as an unsanitary-with-metaphor napkin by bringing back Firefly in his new, preferred medium. After many greeted Buffy’s return by asking, in their common parlance, where one might also locate Firefly, Whedon responded with the below drawing, similarly capturing the show’s tricky tonal balance of classic Western heroics with shit being weird. The drawing also brings back a fan-favorite character, so update the Firefly canon accordingly.


The debut of Firefly: The New Lame Drawing naturally opens the door to future revivals of shows like Angel or Dollhouse—all thanks to this new creator-controlled environment in entertainment, in which the Internet’s exciting new channels of distribution have finally allowed producers like Joss Whedon to work, without interference, on whatever scratch paper they have handy. Though in the meantime, Whedon is plenty busy rendering Avengers: Age Of Ultron in the margins of his social studies textbook.

In related news, Fox has already set this drawing on fire.