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Joshua Jackson cast in Fletch prequel?

We've been burned by Dark Horizons before, but they seem pretty certain that the long-rumored Fletch prequel—which has had everyone from Kevin Smith to Jason Lee to John Cusack to Matthew Perry attached to it at one time—seems to be moving forward with director Steve Pink (Accepted) at the helm. Fletch Won (based on the character popularized by Chevy Chase, back when Chevy Chase was still capable of popularizing things) tells the story of young reporter Irwin Fletcher's first case: When a man he's supposed to interview turns up dead, Fletch takes it upon himself to investigate (presumably solving the murder with a combination of condescending wisecracks and fake noses). Sources say that the latest actor rumored to inherit the Fletch mantle is Joshua Jackson, still best known for his work on Dawson's Creek. Hey, it could have been worse; a few months ago this was still a Zach Braff project.


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