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Josh Trank already made a Star Wars movie, sort of

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Though a lot of specific details about the new Star Wars movies are still clouded by the Dark Side—including whether or not the Millennium Falcon will appear in them—we can at least continue to take some solace in the fact that Disney seems dedicated to putting these films in the hands of actual Star Wars fans. After all, people have been claiming that they can do a better job than George Lucas for years, so why not give them a chance?


We previously reported that Godzilla director Gareth Edwards and Book Of Eli writer Gary Whitta—who are probably making a Boba Fett movie—are “lifelong” Star Wars fans, and they see their movie as a “literal dream come true.” Yesterday, we found out that Chronicle director Josh Trank would also be directing one of Disney’s standalone Star Wars films, and now proof of his own Star Wars nerdery has been uncovered for the whole Internet to see:

According to /Film, Trank made this short—titled Stabbing At Leia’s—back in 2007. It depicts a found footage-style lightsaber battle between two feuding partygoers, with one person ending up stabbed (spoiler alert), and another arrested by Stormtroopers. OK, so it’s pretty light on plot and it just seems like an excuse to have some fun with a little fight choreography and lightsaber effects, but the same could be said for the prequel trilogy and those turned out just fine. Also, it features a post-credits stinger with Trank’s own e-mail address, so hopefully he’ll do the same thing with his real Star Wars movie and we can all let him know what we think about it. Too bad George Lucas never thought of that.

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