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Josh Hutcherson joins The Disaster Artist as the guy who played Denny in The Room

The Room / Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Jumping from one high-profile literary adaptation to another, Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson has signed on to appear in The Disaster Artist, James Franco’s new film about the making of bad movie masterpiece The Room. Apparently accepting of the fact that he’s consigning himself to spend the rest of his life having vague conversations about drugs and being asked if he’s “okay,” (not to mention the olfactory nightmare of getting hugged by James Franco in-character as Tommy Wiseau), Hutcherson will be playing Philip Haldiman, the actor who portrayed college student and lovelorn manchild Denny in the 2003 film.

Directed by and starring Franco, The Disaster Artist is based off of the memoir of the same name, by The Room star Greg Sesteros and author Tom Bissell. James’ younger brother Dave is set to play Sesteros in the upcoming adaptation; meanwhile, the lucky woman who gets to pretend to be Juliette Danielle, the even-more-fortunate woman who got to pretend to have sex with writer-director-star Wiseau and stand in for all the sins of womankind in his film’s tortured ethical cosmology, has yet to be cast.


[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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