Photo: Amanda Edwards

Josh Gad has taken a break from trying to get details about The Last Jedi out of Daisy Ridley to dedicate a song to Kellyanne Conway. Inspired by Conway’s latest nonsense—her invented Bowling Green massacre—Gad posted a video of himself singing a reworked version of “Making Things Up Again” from his breakout role in The Book Of Mormon. “You’re making things up again, Conway,” he croons. “You’re taking the truth and just adding bullshit.” He later sings: “You’re taking our language and vomiting horseshit.”


Credit where credit’s due: The rendition was actually a prompt from a fan on Twitter. In the hit Broadway musical, a chorus addresses the lyrics to Gad’s character when he begins to take some liberties with his holy text. You can listen to the original below—hobbits make a cameo.