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Josh Gad ruffles feathers after posting image of The Penguin

Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Stalled production on the DCEU’s new Batman movie has raised some concerns, as the film tries to hang on to Ben Affleck in some capacity after bringing in Matt Reeves to take over as director. Joe Manganiello recently asked fans to chill out about the whole thing, despite the fact that he’s playing Deathstroke in the forthcoming film, not Mr. Freeze. But now there’s new reason to think the project might be moving forward, or that Josh Gad is fucking with everyone. Uproxx picked up on a tweet from the Beauty And The Beast star, which is just an image of Bat-villain The Penguin.


It could mean anything, including the possibility that Gad is going to don the monocle in the movie. Or maybe Gad just thinks he’d look better in coattails than the three-piece suit he sports in the upcoming Murder On The Orient Express movie. But fans who are desperate for some new sign of life in the standalone Batman movie are eyeing it as proof that Gad could be playing the famous foe. Again, it’s not much to go on, but Gad has been steadily boarding new projects, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to learn that he’d found his way into the cast. Uproxx speculates that Gad could just be voicing the Penguin in a sequel to The Lego Batman Movie, but there hasn’t been any real indication that such a movie is in the works. So maybe he’ll show up in the Lego Movie sequel, which will take place in space.

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