Like a desert island laden with fools, their every harebrained attempt at escape as futile as Sisyphus rolling a coconut, the Gilligan’s Island movie has snared another doomed group of tourists, whose approximately three hours of embarking this idea will soon turn into a lifetime of regret. Deadline reports that Josh Gad has signed up alongside 1600 Penn writers Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez to draft a new script for the big-screen update of the campy ’60s sitcom—a project that was last glimpsed in 2010 before being left to rot, like a gang of intermittently attractive yet definitely expendable cruise passengers.

Gad is also attached to star, though it’s unclear as yet whether he’ll play Gilligan or some other character. However, Deadline suggests “he could conceivably play the Skipper,” presumably inspired by the fact that Gad is fat, much like a Gilligan’s Island movie is inspired by the fact that the show has a theme song some people still recognize. It remains to be seen whether this time the Gilligan’s Island movie will escape its being marooned, or whether it will find itself right back here next week, when the Harlem Globetrotters stop by.