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Josh Duhamel joins Hulu’s Stephen King adaptation 11/22/63

Safe Haven

According to The Hollywood Reporter, professional handsome man Josh Duhamel has signed on to Hulu’s adaptation of 11/22/63, the Stephen King book about a guy who goes back in time and tries to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. James Franco will be starring as the time traveler, with Daniel Webber playing Lee Harvey Oswald, Sarah Gadon as a woman Franco falls in love with, and T.R. Knight as that woman’s husband. (The husband is a bad guy, it’s okay.)

Duhamel will be playing Frank Dunning, a guy Franco’s character encounters in the past who is also the father of a man that Franco meets in the present. THR describes him as “the rakish town butcher,” and “a ladies’ man with an effortless smile that everyone welcomes.” There’s also something about him being capable of violence, but this is Josh Duhamel we’re talking about. Surely his character won’t commit any horrible murders, or whatever. He was in Safe Haven!


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