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Josh Charles returns to prestige drama on Masters Of Sex

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Grieving Will Gardner fans can now rejoice, as Josh Charles has signed on for Showtime’s Masters Of Sex. After his character’s shocking death last season on The Good Wife, Charles has made a few guest appearances on shows like Inside Amy Schumerwhere he played the coach in “Football Town Nights”—and will appear in the upcoming Wet Hot American Summer TV series as Blake. EW reports that Charles fielded several other offers before going with Showtime’s controversial prestige drama.


When Masters Of Sex returns for its third season, it will be 1966, the “start of the sexual revolution,” and we’ll find “the famed duo of William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) dealing with the glare of the national spotlight as their sex study is finally unveiled,” according to Deadline. Charles will play “Daniel Logan, a self-made businessman working in the scent industry. In an attempt to bottle the smell of sex and market an aphrodisiac to the general public, Dan seeks out Masters and Johnson’s expertise on desire. A charismatic salesman, Dan’s involvement with Masters and Johnson becomes complicated.” We fervently hope “complicated” implies a budding relationship between the perfume executive and Gini Johnson, who deserves some fun times before she shackles herself irrevocably to Bill Masters.

Masters Of Sex returns on Sunday, July 12.

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