After bringing in precocious kids and Bryce Dallas Howard to annoy and ostracize them, the producers of Jurassic World have begun planning for the contingency that dinosaurs are not effectively dispelled by affronts to their sensitivity. So it’s begun hedging its bets by talking with Josh Brolin, who’s said to be in the running to join the Colin Trevorrow-directed sequel in a role that—like everything about the film, as well as the average dinosaur’s mood—remains a mystery. However, it seems safe to say Brolin would be a good candidate to take on a more physical role in stopping a dinosaur invasion, and he probably wouldn’t hesitate to kick a brachiosaurus right in the damn neck if he had to. It’s also safe to say someone’s gonna make a No Country For Prehistoric Men joke, so like a Josh Brolin punch to a dinosaur face, we’re just gonna get it right in there.