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A few days ago, Ryan Reynolds shared the first images of Josh Brolin as time-hopping mutant Cable in Deapool 2, and while they were certainly cool and surprisingly comics-accurate, they hid Josh Brolin under a significant number of pouches and ammo packs. Thankfully, for anyone who is curious to see what the guy who has played comic book characters like Thanos, Jonah Hex, and George W. Bush looks like in real life these days, Reynolds has provided that as well:


As it turns out, Brolin looks like a ridiculously buff older dude with some cybernetic stuff happening on his neck that may or may not be part of his Deadpool 2 costume. The photo also has a kid dressed like Deadpool, which is a perfect setup for a joke about how that’s Ryan Reynolds and Brolin is so swole that he makes Reynolds look like a kid, but Reynolds already made that joke in his tweet. Deadpool loves meta-gags, though, so spending so much time describing a joke like this should be right up his alley.

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