Last summer it was revealed that Paramount is prepping a retelling of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback Of Notre Dame as a “high-concept action adventure story,” where Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen and G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura would delve deeply into Hugo’s themes of class, justice, and determinism like KABOOOOMM, AAAAAGGGGH. Since then there hasn’t been any word on that particular project, but as every hero must have his villain, each modern update of a classic tale must have its studio rival, and today it was announced that Warner Bros. is pursuing its own Hunchback update with Tim Burton directing and Josh Brolin in the lead, bravely going back to the deformity well after Jonah Hex. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kieran and Michele Mulroney—who most recently completed the Sherlock Holmes sequel—are developing the script, which will be the deciding factor for Burton’s participation. (Even though it seems like the studio could just dangle some gothic cathedrals in front of Tim Burton and he’d sign anything they want.) Anyway, with every passing day it seems the prospect of a Big Man On Campus sequel just gets further and further away.