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Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play The Riddler, giant skeptical question mark?

Hey, it’s Friday and most of the news we’re tracking has to do with the death of the ocean and other boring stuff; why not engage in the spreading of some completely unsubstantiated, totally bullshit rumors? Hollywood Life is reporting (exclusively!) that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in the running to play The Riddler in Chris Nolan’s next Batman film—a film Nolan has not even confirmed that he will be a part of—according to “a source close to the director,” who almost certainly exists. Apparently, Gordon-Levitt so impressed Nolan with his work on the upcoming, summer-of-suck-redeeming Inception that he’s now been put on “the shortlist” of candidates to inhabit the role—even though Hollywood Life also quotes Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s rep as saying, “This is not true” at the end of the very same story. But that statement is obviously open to interpretation, right? Also on that “shortlist,” at least according to NME? Eddie Murphy. Whee, this is fun. Any other “sources” out there want to leave their Riddler candidates in the comments?


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