Don Jon

Mindy Kaling’s sitcom The Mindy Project was recently saved from cancelation by Hulu, and the show is celebrating that reprieve with a big-name guest star. Joseph Gordon-Levitt will appear in the first episode of the upcoming fourth season, and as his role on the show constitutes a spoiler, we’ll give you this opportunity to stop reading.

[Checks watch. Sees unread email notification. Remembers it’s not an Apple Watch.]


Okay, we’re back. In a surprising bit of casting, Gordon-Levitt will play Mindy Lahiri (Kaling)’s husband. This may come as a shock to devotees of the show, since season 3 ended with Mindy pregnant by her boyfriend Danny (Chris Messina), who was trying to overcome his fear of commitment and marry her. Does Mindy get fed up with his indecision and run away with the star of Inception and Don Jon to start a new life on Hulu?

Not exactly. The season 4 premiere will be a Sliding Doors-esque what-if, in which Mindy isn’t dating Castellano and is married to Gordon-Levitt’s character, a producer of a reality show. It’s not clear as of press time whether this is an alternate present or a possible future, but either way, it’s an interesting way to start Mindy’s run as a Hulu original series.