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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dave Grohl to guest star on The Muppets

Here’s some news that should mollify those moms who are wringing their hands over how risqué the new The Muppets show is: Variety reports that professional adorable people Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dave Grohl will guest star in an upcoming episode. Gordon-Levitt will perform a duet (which we hope won’t be a lip sync) with Miss Piggy and play poker (which we hope won’t be of the stripping kind) with Scooter and Pepe, and Grohl will challenge Animal to a contest of the most flailing arms in a drum-off. Gordon-Levitt and Grohl are old pals of the Muppets gang—Grohl appeared in 2011’s The Muppets as Animool in the Muppets knock-off band, The Moopets, and Gordon-Levitt previously joined the Muppets for a Very Gaga Thanksgiving. The episode, “Going, Going, Gonzo,” will air on December 1.


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