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Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone reboot premieres April 1...or does it?

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It seems like we’ve been waiting for the arrival of the Jordan Peele-produced/hosted Twilight Zone reboot for years now, watching as an ever-expanding (and more exciting) list of guest stars filtered in to take part in Peele’s celebration of spooky genre TV. Now, CBS All Access has finally named a release date for the Peele-helmed series, announcing that it’ll air its first two episodes on Monday…April 1.


Aw, geez.

To be fair, working in internet news has made your friendly Newswire staff mandatorily paranoid about anything happening anywhere in the vicinity of April Fool’s Day, also known as The Corporate Asshole’s Delight. (We especially love Google’s traditional. whimsical prank of pretending to be your fun, goofy corporate pal while also slowly taking over the entirety of planet Earth.) Beyond that, though, there’s also the whole “twist” factor to take into account here; nobody wants to sit down to watch the latest version of their favorite genre anthology show, only to have an immaculately dressed Peele stroll into their living room, monologuing about how they didn’t realize they were now trapped in some sort of zone of ironic spookiness. (On reflection, this actually sounds kind of badass.)


In any case, The Twilight Zone is “officially” launching on CBS All Access on April 1, debuting two episodes on that Monday night. Subsequent releases will arrive on Thursdays, provided we’re not too busy getting pranked into the cornfield to check them out.

[via IndieWire]

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