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Jordan Peele's Hunters gets a premiere date and a new Nazi-busting trailer

Screenshot: YouTube

Everything we’ve seen from Hunters, executive producer Jordan Peele’s upcoming Amazon series about a team hunting down Nazis who have gone into hiding in post-war America, has sort of leaned into the grindhouse-y potential of that premise. The team—which includes Logan Lerman, Carol Kane, Jerrika Hinton, and Josh Radnor, not to mention leader Al Pacino—highlights this, with each member having a specific gimmick and style, and this new trailer leans into it further with some action scenes and the use of “Psycho Killer.” There’s a weird wrinkle, though, in the form of the explicit question about whether or not the Nazi hunters are doing the right thing by taking justice into their own hands. That’s a fair argument for Lerman’s trainee Nazi-hunter to consider, but we’ve all seen enough memes of that one asshole getting punched to know that there is a definitive answer to that particular conundrum.

Anyway, this show looking the way it does, Lerman will probably come to the same conclusion we did, but we’ll know for sure when it premieres on February 21 (which is new information, courtesy of this trailer). You can see a poster for the show below that, again, feels pretty grindhouse-y.

Image: Amazon

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