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Jordan Peele reveals the poster and title for his "new nightmare," Us

Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP (Getty Images)

Ever since the surprise success (and excellence) of last year’s Get Out transformed him from “well-liked sketch comedian” into “bold new film-making talent,” we’ve been eagerly waiting to hear what Jordan Peele’s got cooking up for horror-loving moviegoers next. And while he’s dropped a few hints about some projects in the works—including an upcoming docuseries about the real tragedy behind the actions of ’90s tabloid fodder Lorena Bobbitt—Peele’s been extremely tight-lipped about what his next feature film project might be.


Today, though, he let a few details—and a poster image—slip loose, revealing that his next “new nightmare” will be simply titled Us, and will arrive in theaters in March of next year. Lupita Nyong’o and Elisabeth Moss are both reportedly in talks to star in the movie, possibly playing some of those shadowy silhouettes pictured in the poster up above. Beyond that, though, we’re still totally in the dark about how Peele intends to follow-up his Oscar-winning horror hit; whatever he comes up with, though, we’re pretty excited to see his sophomore result.

[via Variety]

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