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Jonah Hill shows his flair for dialogue in this profanity-drenched supercut

The Ultimate Jonah Hill One-Liners Supercut (Screenshot: Dailymotion)

Jonah Hill, who first made a strong impression on viewers with roles in such Judd Apatow projects as Superbad and Knocked Up, has been making a bid for serious respectability in recent years with subdued turns in classy films like Moneyball, for which he nabbed an Oscar nomination, and Hail, Caesar! But the scruffy star will probably never lose his reputation as a big-screen stoner clown, even if he spent the next decade only doing sober dramas about the civil rights movement, the collapse of the housing market, and Bosnian genocide. The guy’s simply said too many fucked-up things in too many fucked-up movies for that to happen. Some people are just put on this Earth to be total goofballs and amuse the hell out of everyone else. To prove it, the supercut maestros at WorldWideInterweb have taken the liberty of piecing together a montage of Hill’s best moments. “The Ultimate Jonah Hill One-Liners Supercut” demonstrates that this baby-faced man not only has a way with comedic dialogue, but he’s also more than willing to sacrifice his dignity or the dignity of those around him to get the laugh.

“It’s like a crippled tree reaching for heaven.” That’s how Hill describes the crinkly, unkempt hair of costar John C. Reilly in 2010’s Cyrus, and it sets the tone for what’s to come. The raunchy, oft-uproarious 21 Jump Street franchise, which pairs Hill with Channing Tatum, is heavily sampled here, too, as are the aforementioned Apatow titles. Hill’s snarky humor is not always directed at others, as it is in the scene with Reilly. In a clip from Funny People, for example, he talks comedy and his own appearance with fellow Apatow regular Seth Rogen. “There’s nothing funny about a physically fit man,” he laments. “No one wants to watch Lance Armstrong do comedy.” Well, maybe now they would.


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