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Jonah Hill rejoins Django Unchained, which is apparently still casting

Illustration for article titled Jonah Hill rejoins emDjango Unchained/em, which is apparently still casting

Although its recently debuted trailer seemed to herald that Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained is a done deal, there are still new casting reports coming out somehow, suggesting that these have become their own autonomous form of entertainment. Though, in this case, a "new" casting report is actually an old one: Deadline reports that Jonah Hill has returned to reclaim a role in the film he once abandoned due to scheduling issues, perhaps not realizing at the time that Tarantino would continue filming right up until its December release date, and possibly even after that. The role is not, however, the part he was originally tapped to play—that of the kid who forms an unlikely bond with Django's slave wife (played by Kerry Washington)—but something altogether different, though surely also somehow slave-related. Anyway, we eagerly look forward to the next in our long future of Django Unchained casting reports, as they sustain untold, yet-to-be-born generations of actors to come.


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